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vegan french toast, banana bread and lemon bars! posted by Carolina
March 4, 2007, 5:04 pm
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Since I became vegan I have been craving french toast. It was our Sunday breakfast growing up and my dad always made it for us. Topped with real maple syrup and butter that came from my grandfather’s farm. YUM!

I found a recipe but wasn’t completely satisfied with it, so I took the general idea and changed it up a bit. I am still working on it, so when you try this please give me feedback.



makes about 8 if you use medium slices of whole wheat bread

1 cup vanilla soy milk
3 to 4 tbsps corn starch (depending how thick you want the coating on the bread)
1/2 cup chick pea flour (do not use any other kind, this is the only one that works)
1 tbsp cinnamon or nutmeg or mix up both
Oil for the frying pan

Mix the soy milk with the corn starch and flour, mix well. Right before you are about to start dipping your bread add the cinnamon.

Heat up your pan.

If using fresh or soft bread don’t leave it in the mixture too long, the bread will fall apart. 😦

Banana Bread
I had a tonne of ripe banana’s in the freezer so decided to make a couple loaves of banana bread. I am trying to veganize my mom’s recipe and am still working on it, so no recipe just yet. I may change my mind and post it as I want others to try it out.


Lemon Squares
One of my favourite forums on the planet can be found over at theppk.com. I was in the kitchen forum when Isa proclaimed she invented vegan lemon squares. I LOVE lemon squares and the fact there is a vegan version made me happy. So I made them. When they were done I was confused. Why aren’t they yellow… then I realized… it’s because I used raw sugar, which is brown. To get yellow lemon squares you need white sugar. Oh well, they are super delish anyway!!!!! Here is where you will find the recipe, you will need to scroll down a bit.

Here are my brownish lemon bar pics




I’m making pizza for dinner so recipe and pictures later!