voluptuous vegans

Who are we???

Do you really want to know. Of course you do. We are two Toronto based Vegan’s who feel it our duty to teach the world how to love itself, Mother Earth and how important it is love all animals. How are we going to do this? By teaching them to Veganize! Trust us, anything can be veganized!

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Hello! I was so excited to find your site. My name is Chelauna Davidson and I am the head of the Communications Department in my church. I’ve been looking for vegetarian and vegan recipes to add to our quarterly newsletter to help promote healthier eating habits. I stumbled onto your site and I’m glad I did. Keep up the good work. I’ll be checkin’ back for some recipes. God bless.

Comment by Chelauna

hi there! I just found your website, i really liked it. i was wondering though if you could give an estimate on how many calories or just nutritional facts, It’s just a suggestion since being a vegan is really important to me but i sometimes get myself into eating a lot of carbs which is extremely unhealthy.
thanks for all the ideas, the posts and the spirit to you two.

Comment by marce

marce, visit


Comment by happy herbivore

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