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100 day raw challenge
March 30, 2009, 7:09 pm
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I’m on day 7 of a 100 day raw challenge (100% raw vegan food). Here is some food porn of the yummy food I’ve been eating. I just wish I could stop craving coffee!!!

Juice and Smoothies Before…






Here is a raw BLT. I dehydrated onion bread and faux raw bacon and made raw mayo. The salad is spinach with tahini dressing, tomatoes and mushrooms. And tonight’s dessert is raw apple cookies! This is how I’ve been eating for the last 6 days and will be for the next 94. It looks like a lot of work but if you dehydrate a bunch of stuff one day a week, it will last for a week or so.



This was a monster salad, with a raw curry falafel and raw faux bacon crumbled on top, with sunflower sprouts, broccoli sprouts, onion and mushroom on baby spinach. The dressing is tahini. Dessert was raw apple cookies.


This was tonights feast

Curry falafels, mango salsa and salad with the juice from the mango salsa! All raw! The only thing is I likely reek of garlic. Everything I make seems to have quite a bit in it… hmmm. I guess that is really only an issue if I was to go on a date… ha ha ha.